Owl Steals Whole Attention, Instantly Runs Over To Owner When Called

May 12, 2019 VIDEOS


People come up with a variety of pets to spend free time with them. We give them a roof over their heads and immense love, and pets always pay back our goodness.

A special video clip has landed on the web in which the author showed his special pet!

The author of the video has an owl for his pet. According to his words, the cute animal always responds to calls, and it is always kind to people.

Owls are perfectly adapted for night hunting – that’s why they have big eyes, which help they see in even hard darkness. Because they have eyes on the front of the head, they have less visible field, but on the other hand they can accurately determine the distance between them and the prey in nature.

Look at the adorable response of the owl when the owner called it. Would you also have such a nice animal at home, like an owl in the video below?

What do you think?