Overweight Dogs Transformation Gives Her New Lease On Life

August 21, 2018 Videos

Dogs, just like people, are prone to packing on a few extra pounds around their middle section. And, just like people, no one really takes notice until their cute doggy sweater looks like it was made for a puppy, and not a full grown pooch! For Strudel the golden retriever, it wasn’t her fluffy coat of fur that was making her look chunky. At her heaviest, she weighed a whopping 83 pounds! After the dog’s previous owner passed away, Strudel’s noticeably inflamed joints were taking a toll on her health, but her loving foster parents weren’t about to give up on her.

The world has a growing obesity problem, and it’s not just limited to human beings. Our pet pals are getting just as large as we are, and unfortunately, all that extra padding exposes them to the same health problems that we face. Thankfully, Kristy and John Cotthaus offered their doggy fitness services to the foster parents for free, and they didn’t even have to use treats to convince Strudel to run the fun obstacle course. The happy pooch loved walking up and down the wooden bridge, and hopping through the donut-shaped toy!

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