Nashville Nurse Serenades Patient Before Her Passing 9 Days Later

January 7, 2020 VIDEOS


Vanderbilt University Medical Center Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee.

She held a cancer patient by the arms and sang one of her favorite songs to her.

63-year-old patient Margaret Smith identified nurse Olivia Neufelder as her angel. The nurse treid to bring a smile on her face in the video by singing the song “Dancing in the Sky”, originally performed by the music group Dani and Lizzy.

Whiskey Riff,Facebook

Just nine days after the video came out, Margaret lost her fight with a cancer.

The video was posted online by Megan Smith, daughter of the late Margaret. Under the recording, she wrote that the nurse had been sitting by her sick mother’s bed for hours, caring for her with all her heart.

Source: Whiskey Riff / KlipLand

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