Old Mall Shops Are Transformed Into 48 Tiny Apartments But Not Everyone Can Live Like This

August 26, 2018 VIDEOS


Most of us were like this as a teen… Weekends and summer days were spent wandering the labyrinth of the local mall and spending what little money we had on unnecessary items! Some of us would’ve loved to live in the mall during that time – and now you can! The Providence Arcade is officially the oldest shopping mall in America, but now it also serves an entirely different purpose. The mall was once left abandoned and bankrupt, but now it’s open for business once again. Thankfully, one developer had a vision for The Providence Arcade that no one saw coming!

The Providence Arcade’s rehaul first began in 2005 when visionary developer Evan Granoff bought the property. He hoped that he could restore the building’s original beauty while adding a touch of modern functionality. And he did exactly that! Evan transformed the top levels into 48 adorable tiny apartments. But he also left the lower level as a promenade reserved for boutique shops. Evan wanted to keep the shopping local, so he banned major chain stores from the property. In order to keep rent affordable, Evan only charges $550 per month – which is one heck of a deal in downtown Providence, Rhode Island.

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