Police Officer Applauded for Kind Hearted Assistance

October 17, 2020 VIDEOS


Unfortunately, in the eyes of many, the police are “bad people” as they are the ones who give us tickets for many offenses.

This is a misconception because even the police are just doing their job. There are honest and good people among them.

Recently, a video from Lake New York, USA, went viral and the police officer received applause from passers-by. He stopped a police car in the middle of the road for a specific purpose.


For example, two elderly women were crossing the road in front of him, which made it difficult for them to walk. A police officer helped them and took them safely to the other end of the road.

Take a look at the beautiful scene in New York, where the police officer is constantly applauding the handsome character. Another proof that police officers are good people.

What do you think?