Nothing Can Make This Golden Retriever To Stare Away From The Screen, Reason

July 18, 2017 VIDEOS


Below we meet a cute Golden Retriever who is watching something on the screen of a laptop. It is a clip that features a squirrel.

From the look of things, squirrels easily distract this pup. The dog watches the squirrel’s every move and does not lose concentration even for a single second. Even when the animal goes off screen, he patiently waits until he reappears.

The dog appears confused by the fact that he is able to see the squirrel but can’t smell it. Sense of smell is a sense which is heavily relied on by dogs. That is why you will see retrievers assisting to do tasks like bomb and drug sniffing. The sense can be relied upon even when they develop eye problems.

Have you ever let your dog watch something on the screen? What was the reaction?

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