Nothing Can Make This Adorable Dog Leave The Store, Ever Seen This?

April 20, 2017 VIDEOS


Munchkin is one of the most gorgeous Shih Tzu dogs you have come across. She a total darling who usually does as she is told by her masters. Unluckily, she doesn’t at all times want to go away when asked to do so. In this recording, you will have a chance to see the occasions Munchkin did not want to go away so she gives her master some difficult moments by lying down while being walked on her strap.

The time she lies down and declines to walk, is so funny. Her masters have to move her out and she winds up looking like a gorgeous duster. This is the type of clip that pet lovers will care about watching again and again because it is so adorable. When Munchkin appears to melt into a pond of prettiness, her masters are aware she is not prepared to go away. Perhaps this dog has fun being dragged along for the ride.

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