They Were not Sure how Their Adopted Cat Would React to Their Baby

May 19, 2018 VIDEOS


If you have a pet and you happen to get a baby, you probably would feel a little scared for the baby. You fear that the pet might hurt the kid in some way. However, you can’t dispute the fact that some of these cute pets are just what the baby needs to have some fun. Case in point? This video!

Lemsie is a cute feline by all measures, and he really likes the fact that his mom and dad saw it fit to bring in a new baby in the house. Lemsie likes to spend his time having some good fun with his baby brother. If you thought this cat was in any mood to even scratch this kid, shock on you!

Watch as the two work to foment their friendship to last forever. They do everything together: Cuddling, snuggling, all that and more. It’s so cute to see just how much of a friend a pet can be to a baby. These two will surely be friends for years to come!

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