Never Buy An Onion Again, Learn How To Easily Grow An Endless Supply At Home

November 5, 2018 VIDEOS


Green onions are great with everything! From salads to twice-baked potatoes, to a garnish that can go on virtually any meat – it’s all tasty! That’s why it’s important to learn how to grow them in your own garden this summer! All it takes is a bundle of store-bought green onions, a glass cup full of water, fertile dirt and a little patience!

First you need to let the store-bought green onions soak in a glass of water overnight to let the roots rehydrate and prepare for planting. You can also cut down the tops of the onion just above the white part of the plant – however this is optional and the onion will grow either way!

Now you’ll need to prepare your garden for planting the onions by digging a loose row into the soil. Place the onion root-down into a shallow hole in the soil and gently pat the soil down around the onion to keep it stable. Green onions are great to plant near other items in your garden since they act as a natural pesticide and don’t take over existing plants. Once you have these onions planted and ready to go, press “play” on the video below for watering and trimming instructions!

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