Musician Calms Shelter Dogs By Playing For Them And Hopes To Inspire Others

May 12, 2019 VIDEOS


Dogs in shelters experience a lot of stress. Due to too much load in shelters, they are mostly locked in small cages waiting for future loving owners.

Unfortunately, some puppies never find new owners, and shelters have to euthanize them because of the needs…

It has been known for a long time that classical music reduces stress and anxiety in humans. And it’s nothing else in the case of animals! Cheryl Wallace, who has been playing cello for many years, is well aware of this fact.

She uses her musical skills to relieve stress at shelter dogs. Almost every day she visits a local shelter in Nebraska, where she plays classic music for animals.

Dogs completely calm down when she is playing, and many close their eyes and fall asleep when hearing classic music. See how Cheryl Wallace calms dogs in a shelter using the cello and her talent!

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