Stunning Video Of A Mini Tornado Captured On The Faroe Islands

January 25, 2020 VIDEOS

In early January, a special video was uploaded on Facebook from the Faroe Islands, located in the North Atlantic, between Scotland in the south and Iceland in the northwest.

Helen Waag filmed a scene near Gásadalur that took many people’s breath away!

There have been a number of thunderstorms in the Faroe Islands in recent weeks, bringing a very strong winds with it. So strong that water was splashed all over the waterfalls.

Near the area of the Múlafossur waterfall, Helen Waag filmed a scene where Mother Nature showed off its artwork. Next to a steep cliff, a huge water thrombus appeared, which impressed many online users with its image.

Take a look at the extraordinary nature scene Helen Waag filmed in the Faroe Islands. Have you ever seen a water thrombus so close?


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