Montreal Restaurant Offers Free Meals To Those Who Cannot Pay

January 13, 2017 VIDEOS


This video features a news story on a Montreal restaurant that has made an astounding offer to the public. They have a sign up that says anyone can eat, even if they do not have any money. One man wanted to see if they really meant it so he went in and said he had no money. They gave him a huge plate of Mediterranean food and he ate until he was stuffed. He then thanked them and let them know he did have money and paid for his meal.

The restaurant owners say they feed about five people a day for free and many people come in and pay for the meals of others. This restaurant is now getting a lot of attention but the owners say they did not do it for that reason. They simply wanted to help others! They hope others will begin to do the same. Please SHARE on Facebook so word can be spread.

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