Mommy Starts Singing, Her Twins Reactions Made Her Burst Into Hysterics

April 14, 2018 VIDEOS


These little girls will make your day the instant you hear them giggling and laughing. How adorable is it when little babies respond to their surroundings with smiles – and especially with their mommy who loves to have fun with them. Watch as these two 8 month old twins, Amel and Amira, burst into laughter when mom starts singing.

Either their mom really knows how to get them to giggle, or they love the tune from the “EastEnders” theme song. Either way, their laughs and giggles are enough to brighten any gloomy day. They are called the “Twincesses” for a reason!

According to mom, Amel and Amira love the camera. No wonder they are so comfortable and fun-loving in this hilarious clip. With little girls like these, mom probably catches many hilarious and memorable moments! Enjoy the adorable smiles and laughs below.

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