Moments After Music Stops During Reception Mom And Groom Have The Crowd Going Nuts

August 15, 2018 Videos

Ailee and Jared’s picturesque wedding may have been held on July 5th, but their reception was full of sparkle and pop like the Fourth of July thanks to Jared and his mom. While the memorable mother-son dance is a tribute to their relationship, it also symbolizes how it’s time for him to leave the nest and start his own family. But Jared and his mom decided to celebrate in a special way by doing something that had everyone in the room cracking up and cheering wildly.

After their first dance as husband and wife, Jared sweetly kissed Ailee then turned to take his mom’s hand. He gently smooched her on the head, took her hand in his and together they swayed back and forth. For a moment, they danced without music, then paused to wait for Celine Dion’s “Because You Loved Me” to begin playing. They danced and chatted, cherishing this memory made together. Even though all eyes were on them, they both seemed lost in the moment.

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