Angry Dog Gives Mom The Silent Treatment After Visiting Doggie Dentist

October 8, 2019 Videos

Secretly, many of us hate going to the dentist. Usually, we don’t have a fear of the dentist office or of the dentist themselves, but rather, a more specific underlying fear. For instance, those who fear blood, pain, needles, or surgery may be more likely to develop dental anxiety. Other potential reasons for a dental phobia might include a fear the unknown, worries about getting judged by a dentist, or money problems.

In a perfect world, all of our dental appointments would go perfectly: no cavities, no tartar build-up, healthy gums, no cold lectures from the dentist, and no surprising costs or unexpected treatments. That perfect world doesn’t exist, which is why our dental fears often come into play, to begin with.

Interestingly, humans aren’t the only ones who dread visiting the dentist. Fritz, a 2.5-year-old lab mix from Salt Lake City, Utah, also isn’t very fond of dental appointments.

At first, Fritz was thrilled to go on a car ride with his mom, Bret Mortimer. However, once he realized she was driving him to the doggie dentist for a regular dental cleaning, his mood changed in a snap.

Even though Fritz’s dental visit went smoothly, and he was told his pearly whites were in great condition, he was fuming after the appointment. Sitting in the passenger seat of his mom’s car, Fritz was cold-eyed with his head turned away. That’s when Bret pulled out her phone to record his reaction.

“Fritz, look at me. I’m sorry I took you to the dentist,” she says to him while trying hard to hold back from laughing.

But no matter how many times Bret tries to get her furry son’s attention, he continues to give her the silent treatment.

“Okay, buddy, I love you very much. I had to do it,” she tells him.

Source: Metaspoon

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