Mom And Son’s High School Talent Show Dance Goes Viral

August 22, 2018 Videos

Ginny Jenkins and her adult child Scott have a great mother-son relationship. They love to goof around, and as Scott was growing up they would have impromptu dance parties at home. All that practice paid off, because these two performed a now wildly popular dance routine at the Charlotte, North Carolina, school where Ginny serves as guidance counselor. Myers Park High School hosted a talent show benefiting the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and Ginny and Scott decided to participate.

Scott is an accountant in real life, and he and his brother Mark love performing rap songs under the names Scholar and Mkay that they share on their website, too. Someone recorded Ginny and Scott performing their routine where they danced through the decades and posted it online – and we’re glad they did! It’s fantastic! They were an absolute hit with the crowd cheering wildly as they performed moves both old and new. To support their hometown team, they both wore purple and blue Charlotte Hornets basketball jerseys. Their mash up routine kicked off with Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” followed by the Macarena. Scott stole the spotlight on a Neil Diamond song while Ginny walks around behind like “Wha?” Then she playfully shoves him out of the way and line dances to “Cotton-Eyed Joe.” All the students start screaming for their staffer.

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