Mom Sings “Little Mermaid” Song To Baby, And The Little Girl Can’t Hold Back How She Feels

November 4, 2018 Videos

Babies are like cute little sponges soaking up all the vibes! Their brains and bodies might have a lot more developing ahead of them, but even at their young age – only a few days or weeks on the planet – they’re able to pick up on what’s going on around them. They can discern joy from fear, happiness from anger, regardless of whether or not they’re able to vocalize it. That happy time spent with your baby is what tightens the bond. You’re able to delight them and fill their little young life with joy and music and happiness.

Music is so wonderful for a baby. But when they get to hear their mother’s voice, it’s even more soothing and heartwarming. Dad, Steven, caught this precious moment between his wife Kristina and their baby girl Lyla on camera, and it’s beautiful to watch. Warning: Your heart will turn into a puddle.

It’s just a normal day for Kristina, 30, sitting on the couch with her 4-month-old baby comfortably on her lap. The two girls are just hanging out when dad takes out his phone to catch the sweet serenade take place. Kristina is holding Lyla up, and the baby is happy, looking at mom, already locking eyes. At this point, mom hasn’t even started singing yet. Lyla’s big smile becomes replaced with a look of love and adoration once Kristina opens her mouth.

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