Mom Introduces Tiny Puppy To Giant Great Dane But Seconds Later Dramatic Reaction Escalates

August 18, 2018 Videos


Although we may not like to admit it, it’s easy to get jealous over something or someone getting more attention than us. And animals are no exception to this rule. When a giant black Great Dane found out his mom brought home a new tiny addition he was confused. Mom set up a camera in anticipation of seeing how her dog would react and it’s no surprise the footage quickly went viral.

Clutched tightly in moms arms she holds a tiny, fluffy new puppy. Mom already has two Great Danes and one of them casually walks thru the kitchen not paying any mind to the new puppy. But when her black Great Dane sees mom holding someone else in her hands he instantly gets jealous and softly muffles a few barks out. He approaches mom and begins to sniff the cuddly creature, still trying to gauge the situation. Mom says “You can pet him too” as he continues to sniff.

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