Mom Dog Had To Be Shown This In Order To Trust Them… Touching Moment

July 2, 2017 VIDEOS


The number of neglected and abandoned animals is increasing each passing day.

Two horrified dogs were rescued by officers from the Marin Humane Society recently in California. The investigations revealed that one of the dogs had given birth. They went back to the owner and requested that they carry the puppies to the rescue centre too. The little canines needed to breastfeed and favorable living conditions.

In the clip, we see mother dog moaning for her babies. She looks terrified and is spotted sitting at the corner of the kernel. She does not allow the sanctuary workers to get close to her. However, things take a twist for the better.

When the workers present one of the puppies, mother dog comes closer in an excited manner. The reunion with her babies makes her happy, and she stops distrusting the workers.

Officers from the organization said they would take care of the puppies till they mature. Once they are of age, they will find a permanent home for them. The Marin Humane Society is home to over 10,000 wild and domestic animals.

Grab some tissue and watch the happy reunion between mom and her babies. PleaseSHARE the video with friends on Facebook.

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