Mom Creates Amazing Charity After Her Special Needs Son Dies

January 15, 2017 VIDEOS


Bryan Collier was an amazing man that lived much longer than doctors ever thought he would! He was born with a rare condition that left him missing a part of his brain. They said he would never talk, walk, or be able to do things for himself but he was. After his death, his mother was left with a gaping hole in her heart and she needed to find something to fill it with. That is when she had the idea for Bryan’s Pantry.

Debbie Vaughn opened a pantry to honor her late son because he was so full of love and enjoyed helping others. The pantry is open at the firehouse and people can come in there any time of the day when they need food. The community has been so responsive and has kept the pantry filled. Now, there are more Bryan’s pantries in the community. Watch this heartwarming video and Please SHARE on Facebook.

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