Mom Adopts Orphan Dumped in Trash With Nose Eaten by Animals. Years Later, She Completely Transforms

February 1, 2018 VIDEOS


Some people might argue that a single lady cannot be allowed to adopt kids. What they don’t know is that it’s people like Kristen Williams who carry hearts of gold. You won’t believe what she did!

Kristen didn’t want to get married, so she decided to adopt some kids and raise them. Being a kind person full of positive emotion, she decided to find the most vulnerable kids and adopt them as her own. She picked India as her country of choice.

While perusing some photos, she bumped onto 5-year-old Munni. The little girl was troubled. She had scars, but she was still beautiful and innocent. Kristen adopted her!

A few months later, she came across a kid that had been thrown into trash. Her story touched Kristen. The little one had had her nose eaten off by dogs and insects. That really touched Kristen and she decided to adopt her too!

Not long after, a TV show, Doctors, got wind of her story and offered to help. They had the girls undergo surgery to reduce their scars. Roopa even got a nice-looking new nose. Watch the video and see the transformation. It’s amazing!

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