Sick Shelter Pit Bull Captures 2-Year-Old Girl’s Heart

March 27, 2020 ANIMALS


Beautiful video in which all the attention was stolen by a 2-year-old girl and an old pit bull from a shelter.

The dog who was sick did not find loving owners during many years in the shelter. Until the day a 2-year-old girl entered the shelter with her mother.

The pit bull dog has been in the shelter for years, and no one wanted to adopt her. For most of the day, the dog was hiding in her box, and a miracle happened to her when a 2-year-old girl came to the shelter.

The Dodo,Youtube

She immediately fell in love with a sick and old dog and told her mother without hesitation: “Mommy, that one!”

The dog also apparently fell in love with the little girl, and she immediately began to return the favor. Upon her arrival at the new home, the dog was following the girl every step of the way, and their love has taken over many online users. The video has so far garnered nearly 5 million views.

Source: Klipland

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