Man’s Invention Is Saving Small Wild Animals From Drowning In Pools

September 17, 2018 VIDEOS


Wildlife biologist Rich Mason never imagined that swimming pools could be so harmful to small wild animals. It wasn’t until friends of his called him to tell him that they were finding frogs dying in their outdoor pool that he gave it some serious thought.

“One morning, after a warm rainy night, an astonishing 53 frogs and toads were found in the pool,” Mason writes. “I spoke with other friends with swimming pools who also said frogs are regularly found in their pools. In addition to frogs, there was the occasional mole, mouse, baby bird, opossum, turtle, salamander, squirrel, bat, chipmunk, and more.”

Mason always had a strong interest in conservation of wildlife and realized that if his friend was having a problem, so too were the millions of pool owners across North America, if not the world.

He set out to see if there was a product that could help save the frogs falling into his friend’s pool. He didn’t find any that he thought would be helpful to the critters effectively, so he decided to invent his own. That’s how the FrogLog came into being.

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