Man saves tiny octopus. It crawls to him and places a tentacle on his boot in thanks, then leaves.

July 2, 2018 VIDEOS


The ocean is full of mysterious creatures and interesting interactions, nothing depicts that mystery better than a recent experience one man had with a stranded octopus!

Instead of leaving the beached octopus to pass away on the sand, the kind man scooped him up, waded into the ocean and released him back into the water. But it’s what happened next that going totally viral…

It all started when a man walking along the beach stumbled upon a tiny octopus that was gasping air and struggling to survive.

From the looks of things, it’s likely that the eight-legged creature had been hanging out in shallow water on the sandy beach, then was abandoned there when the tide rolled back out. The octopus became stuck in the sand until the man took notice and decided to help.

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