Man pours beer, kicks and stamps on elderly man as bystanders do nothing to stop the attack

May 31, 2019 VIDEOS


CCTV footage released by Nottinghamshire police in the UK shows an elderly man being kicked and stamped on repeatedly by a younger man accompanied by his female partner in the middle of the road. What’s even more shocking is that the people who witnessed this chose to remain mum, and did not intervene to stop this gruesome incident reports Daily Mail . They chose to callously walk by instead. The video footage begins with the thug couple nearing a traffic signal on High Road in Beeston town. The elderly man (victim) carrying a white grocery bag approaches the same signal. The younger man points a finger at the victim as he and his partner are about to cross the road.

The younger man who is dressed in a tracksuit changes his direction and aggressively moves towards the elderly man who tries to avoid him. The victim then throws something at him in a bid to protect himself. He then proceeds to move away from them. As he does this, the tracksuit man throws his own beer on the man’s back. His female partner who is dressed in a short skirt, a grey shirt and heels also pours beer on him as he tries to get away from them. As he makes his way across the zebra crossing, the thug couple follow him.

The bystanders were referred to as “Utter cowards”. ibn Adam wa Hawwa‏ took to social media and wrote : Anyone who attacks the vulnerable such as babies and elderly pensioners is an utterly sick coward. Police have released pictures of the thug couple, and are still on the lookout for them. They issued a statement that read, “The man was kicked and pushed to the ground before a man stamped on his head a number of times causing injuries. A woman also threw beer over the victim.”

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