Man Plays “The Entertainer” With Friendly Elephant On A Rescued Piano

July 16, 2018 VIDEOS


Paul Barton is one of those figures in the animal world that will forever be respected for his amazing heart and extremely giving personality.

While we’ve seen him play pianos with elephants before, this heartwarming video is quite touching on two levels: After record-setting floods, this beautiful upright piano was submerged for months at a time before the angry waters finally dissipated. The owner had a sentimental attachment to the instrument, but piano technicians all seemed to deem it unsalvageable.

Therefore, with a broken heart, the previous owner rolled it out of his house and decided to part ways with it. But when Barton came along he determined that this piano wasn’t completely worthless.

He decided he was going to do his best to fix it, and after about 12 hours of hard work, he played a few keys and found that, while not the most beautiful in the world, this piano could still carry its own unique tune playing none other than our favorite ragtime song ever!

So, when Barton sat down to give the thing a test run, don’t you just love who exactly came to give it a listen to? And with ears like that, this elephant really seems to be enjoying the sight and sound that this rescued instrument makes!

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