Man Adopts Dog With Cancer So He Can Experience A Loving Home In His Final Days

June 25, 2020 STORIES


Finally, he greeted 21-year-old Luciano Carosas, a native of Argentina Berazategui, with an open hand.

He wanted to take care of her and show her unconditional love in her last days on earth.


The hardest part was getting used to how little time they spent together, but Karosas knew it was worth it.

Karosas took Thanos to the vet and told him the good news, but the vet explained that there was no medicine that would prolong his life.


“I have a piece of my heart in my hand,” said Amigo Kao, owner of the Carosas portal.

If Thanos had no cancer on his head, you would never know that he had cancer. He still runs and plays like other dogs and is happier than that.


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