Look At The Baby’s Blanket… Can You Believe What This Dog Goes On And Does

August 9, 2017 VIDEOS


According to me, dogs have what it takes to be considered the best caregivers. Though it might be argued that that is dependent on different dogs and families, I have come across far too many videos and stories featuring the amazing things that dogs have done to kids and babies. Be it dogs helping a toddler speak for the very first time or a little baby being watched over by a French Bulldog, the list is endless. It can be said that they may be having a sixth sense that makes all that possible.

This video presents a family dog which is trying to ‘’tuck in’’ the baby’s blanket. The dog wants the newborn to feel safe and protected and pushes the blanket around the baby!

Just like we love them, dogs try all they can to reciprocate the love back!

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