Little Girl Is Dancing To “Baby Shark” And Her Moves Are Like No Other

May 9, 2019 VIDEOS


We all go through a phase in which we’re obsessed with a particular song. It’s usually something that’s new in pop culture, has a catchy tune, and is always on the radio. It’s even better if the song has a hook step that has gone absolutely viral. You know that if a tune has hit all these marks, it’s a winner for sure—people will remember it for a very long time.

Well, it seems like we’ve found our new catchy song; it has an easy hook step and an unforgettable tune. The funny thing is, you don’t hear it on the radio, and it has nothing to do with pop culture. Us adults wouldn’t bump this song in our cars (unless you’re driving around with kids or grandkids) but it’s everywhere in today’s day and time. Can you guess which song I’m talking about? If you said “Baby Shark,” you’re bang on!

Songwriters Shawnee Lamb and Robin Davies scored the jackpot with this fun kids’ tune a couple of years ago. The thing about the song is that it is so simple. You throw in the words “daddy,” “mommy,” and “grandma,” and mix them in with sounds effects like “doo doo doo doo doo doo,” and you’ve got yourself a winner.

This song doesn’t only have very easy and simple-to-follow lyrics but it also has a fun little dance meant for kids to follow along to as well. The dance steps are also quite easy. But, despite the easy dance moves, there’s one little girl who is making her own moves to the song—people are loving her!

Source: metaspoon

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