Little girl dancing by the window every day with With Mailman

December 10, 2020 VIDEOS


These days, the Internet is surrounded by cute videos that have moved many online users.

The girl’s parents shot a picture at the window and watched it every morning when the local postman came to their house.

Agony sdᴉlℲ,Youtube

The little girl has a special friend, the postman, who gets better at work every morning. The video posted online by the girl’s parents has already become a real hit.

The girl’s parents praised the local postman’s move, especially when the children were unable to communicate with their peers during numerous restrictions. Every morning she finds time to dance with her little girl in front of the window.

She was looking forward to the postman, and then she danced with him, danced in a cozy, warm house, and the postman danced for several minutes in front of the window. Surely the video will enlighten you too.

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