Little Boy Sings Along Adorable Version Of National Anthem

April 3, 2019 VIDEOS


Parents play a major role in building a child’s confidence. During the earlier years, young children spend most of their time around their parents, which means that they see what their parents do and hear what their parents say. One of the most important foundations of self-esteem and self-confidence in young children is the knowledge that they are loved by their parents. As a young child’s needs are met by his parents, he begins to have that sense of security that he is safe in his home, and that he can trust the people around him. In that safe environment, parents can then be models of self-esteem and confidence for their children.

Parents should be aware that they are the first models their children look to. If both parents model the kind of confidence that they would like to see in their child, the child will surely imitate them and learn that this is something good. When the child is ready for school, he will have developed a healthy self-esteem and self-confidence while being around other people.


Drake Grillo is a perfect example of a child who is self-assured and confident of his skills, thanks to his family. To a three-year-old child, being introduced before a crowd of 6,000 people as the anthem singer could be quite intimidating. Little Drake is shown standing at the center of the court, seemingly waiting for his cue to begin singing the National Anthem. As he is introduced, he lifts the microphone and sings into it, loud and clear. He sings the anthem confidently, never once hesitating or looking to his mother for assurance.

As he ends the song and the crowd applauds, he turns to his mother for a hug. His mother takes his hand and gives him a smile, and Drake is confident he did well. Little Drake is said to love sports, and he learned to sing the National Anthem by watching different singers open sporting events singing the “Star Spangled Banner”.


With the sweet articulation of a three-year-old, he manages to sing the song by imitating the way the singers pronounce the words. We can just imagine the gushing among the crowd as he sings.


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