Amusement Park Ride Goes Wrong For Woman Who Freaks Out

December 20, 2019 VIDEOS


The web was surrounded by a hilarious scene these days when one of the female visitors experienced a nightmare in an amusement park.

The drama was filmed on a cellphone by her cousins, and her reaction made many laugh on the web.

The scene was filmed in the city of Anaheim, California in October, and there is no laughing missing. The cousins, along with woman’s uncle, convinced the woman to take a large spinning wheel, but had previously been told that the cabs were not-swinging.

When she found out that she had been pranked, it was too late for her. High in the air, she almost went crazy due to fear in the rocking cab, and the scene will make you laugh too.

Take a look at a scene in which the woman most likely experienced the greatest fear in her life. Would your heart fall into your pants too if you were rocking a few dozen feet above the ground?

Source: KlipLand

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