He Had To Kiss His Missing Dog After Driving For Several Hours. It Tells A Lot!

May 7, 2018 VIDEOS


We have seen in documentaries where animals make journeys around the globe to either mate, or lay eggs, then make another journey back to where they live during the rest of the year. Such migrations always leave some of us wondering how is it that the animals get to know their path. I mean, once an animal is born or hatched, what happens to make it to start migrating to the south of or to the north.

How does it know when it has arrived at its destination? What triggers its hatchlings to go back to where it was hatched or born to lay its eggs or give birth? As much as we might not have the perfect answer for these questions, it is just amazing to know that these animals are definitely not doing any guess work. They instinctively know what they are doing.

It is amazing however when we see the same thing happen to animals like dogs. They somehow know their way back home if you take them with you on a long walk and for some reason abandon them. That was the story that happened to this dog that met its owner halfway home. It is such a wonderful moment to watch!

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