Keep Your Eyes On This Woman’s Hand What She Does Could Save Your Pet’s LIFE

December 12, 2018 Videos


How to Save Your Pet’s Life. It’s probably one of the most horrifying things you can imagine: your beloved fur baby needs emergency medical assistance right now. Whether it’s from choking, massive bleeding, or any other unimaginable situation, sometimes you need to act fast before you head to the vet. That’s why it’s crucial that all pet owners not only have a kit at home with basic emergency medical supplies but also the knowledge on how to administer first aid on their fluffy friend. This video guide will tell you exactly what to do in different types of emergencies when your pet’s in trouble and every second counts.

When it comes to your pets, the saying “pray for the best, prepare for the worst” should come to mind on some important issues.

Everyone knows to get their pet a rabies shot, along with the other important vaccinations; It’s also good to get your pet all the proper tags and identification in case they should get lost.

But there’s one preventative measure that many people often forget that could very well mean the difference between life and death for your dog: CPR.

The video below shows a quick example that could save your dog’s life. You never know when this knowledge could change everything. Hopefully, you’ll never need to actually use this information, but it’s better to know and not need than to need and not know! Always keep the following in mind:

Know how to quickly find your pet’s heartbeat in advance.

Know your ABCs: Airway; Breathing; Compression.

In an emergency situation, get a friend to drive you to the vet.


The only way to properly do this in a heated moment is to be prepared. Know how to locate your pet’s heart in advance, you can do this right now while everyone is calm. Your pet will simply

think you’re petting them!

If you realize your dog is in need of CPR, act fast. Lay them on their side on a flat surface and, placing one hand on top of the other over the widest portion of the rib cage, push down, compressing the chest 1/4 of its width.

Please check out the video below to learn the rest of the process and see it in action on a stuffed pooch — knowing this skill could save your own pet’s life!

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