Kayaker On Solo Adventure Spots Weird Shape Bobbing In Water

August 19, 2018 Videos

Kayaking is a fun summer sport, but if you’re on a solo trip and things go wrong, you’re pretty much on your own. Sometimes though, the person who needs rescuing may not be who you’d expect. An adventurous sea kayaker named Steve was coming in from an offshore fishing trip when he saw something odd bobbing up and down in the waves. He didn’t know what it was at first, but the weird shape immediately caught his eye in the water. Steve thought that perhaps it was some sort of palm frond, but the dimensions still didn’t seem right.

That’s when he noticed the multiple fins running up and down the scaly creature’s back. That couldn’t possibly be what it looked like – the sun’s glare must have been making Steve see things! He stopped paddling and froze in place when he noticed that “it” had started to swim. The lone kayaker was just inside the reef, but still four miles from land, which meant that help was not coming anytime soon. Steve had only one option. Facing his fears, he headed straight towards the unknown…

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