Man Saves A Baby Kangaroo’s Life In Australia Bushfires

January 7, 2020 VIDEOS


Australia’s bushfires have attracted worldwide attention. These days, a very special video landed on the web, in which a man filmed an unusual rescue.

He saved a small kangaroo’s life from the fire, who could no longer found its way to safety.

“Meet my baby,” author Sam McGlone wrote in the video of the rescued baby kangaroo. It was Sam who saved the little kangaroo and then posted the video of rescue online.

The video has become a real online sensation, featuring Sam McGlon as he helped extinguish fires in New South Wales together with his family.

He saved the kangaroo from the fire, who was running alone during the fire. The rescued animal was then offered a water by Sam and wrapped in a wet blanket. “Everyone, meet my baby. Don’t worry, buddy, you’re safe with me,” he said in the video. Watch the scene from Australia when Sam McGlone rescues a baby kangaroo!

Source: klipland

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