Just Released Freddie Mercury’s Lost Song “Time Waits For No One” Is Taking Over The World

June 24, 2019 VIDEOS


After many years of searching, they found a song that was played in 1986 by legendary Freddie Mercury.

At that year, the song was excluded from the Time musical, and two years ago, one of the friends of the legendary singer found it and re-arranged it as it was initially planned.

In 1986, Freddie Mercury, together with his friend Dave Clark, prepared the song “Time Waits For No One”, which was filmed for Time musical. Clark, who wrote the song, said to the media: “When we first recorded it, I went to Abbey Road and we ran through with just Freddie and piano. It gave me goosebumps. It was magic.”

In the Abbey Road studio, the song was then combined with 48 other recordings, on which they were only vocals. At the same time, Dave Clark said that at that time he had the feeling that the original shot was better, but it was lost in the archive.

He searched for the song for a long time, and in 2017 he finally found it. It took him two years to remove all the rest of the vocals from the clip and retain only the voice of the legendary singer Freddie Mercury.

Now the song “Time Waits For No One” was presented to the general public on the official Youtube channel of singer. Listen to how the lost song sounds, which Freddie Mercury presented more than 30 years ago!

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