Josh Groban Performs “O Holy Night” As Scenes From “The Nativity Story” Play

January 11, 2017 VIDEOS


Josh Groban is one of the most amazing performers of our time and he sings one of the most beautiful versions of “O Holy Night” you have likely ever heard! In this video, you not only get to hear his beautiful voice proclaiming the birth of Jesus but you also get to see scenes from the 2006 movie, “The Nativity Story.” This video recounts Jesus’ birth in such a soul-touching way!

When you combine scenes from the movie and the music of Josh Groban, it makes for an extraordinary display. This is the perfect video to view during the Christmas season but would be welcome any time of the year because it is truly so special. This video will deeply speak to your heart and make you want to view it more than once. After you have enjoyed the scenes, be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook so everyone can see it.


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