Jimmy Left Speechless When Comedian Impersonates Famous Female And Nails Is On 1st Try

March 20, 2019 Videos

It is no secret that Jamie Foxx has talent. Not only are his acting skills in high demand, but the man can sing too! When fellow funny-man Jimmy Fallon invited him to be a guest on “The Tonight Show,” the crowd already knew they were in for a real treat. Even Jimmy Fallon was in for quite the surprise when he asked Jamie to participate in his popular game “Wheel of Musical Impressions.”


It doesn’t take long for Jamie Foxx to knock Jimmy’s socks off. Starting with Mick Jagger, he nails every single song. Jimmy Fallon has to bring his a-game to keep up. The funny duo share loads of laughs while competing for the exclusive title.


It isn’t until Jamie’s final spin that the stakes get even higher – it’s time to impersonate a female. Get ready to be wow-ed, as he kicks it up a notch and nails it. Watch as the two comedians go head-to-head in the famous impression battle. Not only is it chock full of talent, but the two men will entertain you from start to finish!

Source: Sharetap

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