Jay Allen’s Song For His Mom Who Is Battling Alzheimer’s Will Break Your Heart

April 12, 2019 VIDEOS


Country artist Jay Allen wrote a song for his mom with Alzheimer’s called ‘Blank Stares.’ And in a touching moment that’s gone viral, Jay sings the song at a show, all while his mom clings to him tightly on stage.

Our memories make up who we are. And that’s what makes the varying forms of dementia so heartbreaking. A person suffering from this terrible disease has their memories gradually robbed from them.

Jay Allen is a talented country musician. And sadly, his mother suffered from Alzheimer’s. To help bring awareness to the disease, he penned an emotional song titled ‘Blank Stares.’

On Instagram, Jay commented on the incredible response, saying, “My heart overflows with gratitude to each of you for showing me the power of music, the strength of community, and even more so, the infinite love of God. Y’all are my family, and I vow to you, I will never stop fighting this disease.”

Sadly, in 2019, Jay’s mother passed away. But she lives on through this song, which reminds us to never stop fighting this horrific disease.

Source: GodTube

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