Musician Shows Us Instruments Imitations While Playing A Guitar

May 20, 2019 VIDEOS


n these days, a special video was uploaded to the web in which the Youtube user “Davidlap” introduced his own way, with which he impressed many music lovers.

He has imitated a number of musical instruments that he does not have at home …

He did not use any processing when making the video – all the sounds in the video are clean, as while he was playing guitar. With the help of the guitar, David imitated bagpipe, the musical instrument koto, percussion, violin, cello, sitar, bass guitar and banjo.

With his video, he impressed many on the web, and he will surely convince you too with the imitation of musical instruments.

To date, his video has been watched by a quarter of a million users. Listening to the performance is a pleasure, so just enjoy listening…

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