Hair Stylist Shows Incredible Result After He Makes A Wig For Bald Man

October 1, 2019 VIDEOS


Felipe Lorenzo is an exceptional hairdresser from Brazil who also specializes in the production of special wigs.

He posted a video online last year revealing the final result of his work when he surprised a younger man with one of his wigs.

Felipe gave the younger man, who was partially bald, a wig over his head and then began to design a new hairstyle. The work of the hairdresser is a masterpiece, and the man in the end has undergone an incredible stylistic change.

Within a year, the video has already exceeded 6.5 million views only on Youtube network, and the work of an experienced hairdresser from Brazil will surely leave you speechless.

Take a look at the final result of an extraordinary style makeover, with experienced hairstylist Felipe Lorenzo from Brazil who took care for a whole new look for a younger man. Hats down for such an impressive end result!


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