In The Blink of an Eye, The Cat in The Bag was Rescued From the Trash

January 6, 2021 VIDEOS


Workers sorting waste in the Russian city of Ulyanovsk today rescued a poor kitten, whose owner threw it into a trash bin in a plastic bag.

One of the workers examined the contents of the bag and found a live cat inside.


If the staff did not pay attention to the litter, the cat would have suffered a cruel fate. Waste passes through the breaker on a conveyor belt, which reduces waste.

Earlier, the garbage company also reported that it similarly saved three turtles – two turtles and a hedgehog.

Since the cat in the video was not a stray animal, they came to the conclusion that the owner of the cat was tired of it, and heartlessly put it in a plastic bag in the middle of the trash. Well done workers who saved the life of a kitten.

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