Aerial Firefighting Almost Ends In Disaster After Plane’s Close Call With Grounds

August 16, 2019 VIDEOS


These days, a video has circulated the Web that could end tragical for few firefighters.

A team of firefighters in the air performed their work at the burnt place when they flew very love over a scorched landscape.

Firefighters on the ground captured the moment when a firefighter plane dropped a fire extinguisher powder on a fire during a low flight. The pilot misjudged the steep rise of the terrain and then lifted the aircraft at the last minute.

The aircraft flew just above the ground and successfully lifted up, with a video showing how close the crew was to the disaster.

Watch a video of an extinguishing fire that could all end tragically. Hats down to the pilot that despite his mistake he was able to rescue the plane along with the crew!

Source: KlipLand

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