‘If we could pretend to have your attention’ Hilarious flight safety

July 23, 2018 VIDEOS


Here is another one of my confessions: I hate flying. This statement though does not mean that I don’t like to travel. I love going to new countries and exploring different cultures and ways of life. I look forward to our annual vacation every year! I love to travel! It’s the airplane bit that gets me every single time.

On the last trip we went on, I had to change three different planes to get to the destination. That means three takeoffs and three landings, and that experience was something I wouldn’t want to do again. I had the passenger sitting beside me ask the flight attendant for a candy for me so that I would calm down each time there was a little bit of turbulence. Embarrassing? I think so!

Despite my behavior on an airplane, the crew members have always been so kind and accommodating. They’re quick to bring me water or tell me that we’re going to be ok. I even had one of them come by and tell me that there’s less than an hour left on the plane ride to our destination and that I almost made it! It’s nice to see them care so much for their passengers. Of course, it’s their job to be kind and compassionate but there are some attendants who just really enjoy their job and you can just tell. A perfect example of someone like this is Marty Cobb.

What do you think?