Mark Rober Tests If Sharks Can Smell A Drop Of Blood

August 2, 2019 VIDEOS


Mark Rober, a Youtube celebrity, posted a special video on his channel these days to check if the myth of blood and sharks is true.

He made special droppers, mounted them on boards, and then tested in a place full of sharks if the “bait” really worked.

In addition to blood, he tested sharks with different baits: urine flowed from one bait and fish oil from the another. Initially, the test was performed with the blood of a cow, and then with the help of the recording team, a human blood test was performed.

The first test showed that sharks are most attracted to cow blood, but the test did not completely convince Mark.

When he did a similar experiment with human blood, the results surprised him. No shark has swum in the vicinity of blood, and the myth of blood and sharks remains just a… myth!

Source: klipland

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