Ice Skater Delivers A Spectacular ‘Sweet Dreams’ Performance

February 26, 2019 VIDEOS


Ice skating isn’t easy, although the dancers sure make it look like it is. There are a lot of turns, loops, spins, and axels to remember. The last one is a pretty big deal since not everyone can pull it off. Ice skating competitions around the world can be intense, and being the first to perform is always nerve-wracking.

One skater had to shake off the initial jitters since she was the first dancer on the ice. But her delivery impressed the judges and the audience with her energy, dance moves, and jumps that went about flawlessly.


Ashely Wagner is famous in the ice skating community for her personality. One of the commentators during the 2017 U.S. Nationals even said that it was sometimes difficult to be unique in the ice skating community. There’s a certain persona that female ice skaters are expected to be–that Ice Princess character that the skaters are pressured to become.

But Ashley was having none of that. While warming up for her performance, she even looked like she was preparing for a boxing match. In other words, she was preparing for a fight. She was not one to be complacent, even though she was already a three-time U.S. champion.


Although a clear favorite, Ashley remains humble in her dealings with fans. She even has a YouTube channel and is active on social media.

During the 2017 competition, Ashley performed to a “Sweet Dreams” remix. It was perfect for her daring and unique personality. As soon as her performance started, the crowd cheered. She leveled the camera with an intense look before delivering a triple flip and a triple toe-loop.

The audience went wild. Her flawless jumps upped the competition’s fire. One of the things that sets Ashley apart from most ice skaters is that she jumps and spins clockwise. During the competition, one commentator noticed that Ashley had a stiff bent knee when she did her triple flip routine.


But it didn’t take away from the beauty of her performance. Her high energy got the audience on her side. Ice skating is both a beautiful and strange sport, since you can still score high even if you fall after a jump–especially if you perform a beautiful triple axel or deliver a clean performance the rest of the time.

In her 2017 performance, Ashley skated confidently. Although her double axel left a lot to be desired, her energy and enthusiasm made her shine and standout. Already, she had garnered a lot of new fans for her unique personality and performance.

Source: Faithtap

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