‘I was just trying to help’: Viral photo shows teen helping blind woman cross the street

June 25, 2020 VIDEOS


Donitarius Caldwell, 15, and his younger sister Almaz were waiting for the school bus when they noticed that the woman had problems with pressing a button at the intersection.

Diamond suspected that the woman was blind, and asked her brother for help. But the brothers and sisters did not expect this beautiful little act to be captured on camera and distributed everywhere.

Diamond said: “I told Dontarty that she was blind. She had to get up and help him, and when she got up, I helped him out twice on the street, while I waited for the bus to come. ”

I went to a young woman near Cincinnati, Ohio, and asked if she needed help. He answered yes and took her hand.

Then he led a blind woman down the street, and her sister continued to wait in the school bus.

According to local media, angry teenagers grew up without thinking about their actions and simply doing the right thing.

“I was just trying to help,” he said. Dontrus told me on NBC News WLWT5.

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