Husky Is Upset When Mom Blames Him For Missing Shoe – His Dramatic Argument Will Leave You In Stitches

February 21, 2018 VIDEOS


From time to time, you tend to lose some of your stuff inside your household. The first thing you do after not finding them in their usual place is asking the people you live with. So when this mom couldn’t find one of her workout shoes, she instantly thought of her dog Azlan. Since Azlan was the only one around and he has that habit of displacing things in the house, mom could only think of him as the culprit. So she went ahead and blame him for the “crime”. Thankfully, she captured the whole ‘trial’ in camera and we can’t help but laugh at his hilarious defense.

Azlan knew he was guilty, but he still tried to act like a baby whose mom can’t resist the cuteness. The best thing is when mom says: ” Azlan, I know you stole my shoe. Go pick it up and bring it back.”, the cute furball lets out an indignat howl and stares down at the remaining tennis shoe pretending like it’s the first time seeing that pair of sneakers. However, mom is sure he did it and she is not taking back until he brings the shoe.

Azlan’s mom is used to this routine many times, her sneaky pup wants sometimes to keep things for himself so he hides them, but this time, mom is not having it so he finally surrenders, he walks out of the room to bring back her shoe, but he did it with fashion, like it’s no big deal. Azlan is one naughty little dog, but he’s so adorable at the same time and mom can’t say anything to him.

Watch the video below to see this petulant husky try to defend himself in the doggy court of law, and convince mom that he’s innocent of all the shoe crimes he’s been accused of.

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