Her Husband Has Been Deployed For 9 Months This Is Dog’s Reaction On His Shirt

July 21, 2019 VIDEOS


At the end of March, a special video clip, which quickly took over many animal lovers, came online.

In it you can see two dogs, who were fairly pleased with the gifts that they recieved from their owner, who was still in the army.

Rach Aument posted a clip of the scene on her Facebook profile after her husband from the army sent her an used t-shirt. He has been home for 9 months, but he misses not only Rach, but also their puppy.

Above all, all the attention was stolen by the dog Brindle when the smell of the shirt reminded him of his owner!

Look at the response of both dogs when they received a special gift from their owner. Yet another proof of how faithful our dogs are!

Source: klipland

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